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Customized communication strategies. The path to reach your goals.

In House Technology

We manage to avoid inefficient inventory combining the advantages of getting transparent and measurable results.

Buying Models

We have every buying solution that adapts to your needs. We connect the best advertisers with the most suitable publishers according to the target. We generate a guaranteed win-win relationship.

High Quality Inventory

We are connected to the best Ad Exchanges, App Developers and Ad Networks of the Market. We are integrated to more than 200 countries and with more than 500 partners that offer unlimited targeting possibilities.


Mobile advertising is having an exponential growth around the world. Nowadays the Market is ready for the brands to reach their target audience in the most effective way. Exceed your expectations today together with Kickads. Before starting, download our media Kit with the different mobile ad formats that we offer.


Billion monthly ad impressions


Million monthly active users


Million App Downloads


Countries covered

Our Solutions

100% customized Buying Models. Reach your target audience on any mobile device and operating system.
  • Kick per Quality impressions

    Pay for quality impression every time that your ad appears. Place your company before the eyes of the audience with each impression.

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  • Kick per Quality Clicks

    If your goal is for your audience to arrive to your landing page, this is the right option. You will be only paying for the click.

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  • Kick per View (PPV)

    Generate a real impact instantly. This is one of the most efficient and direct way of reaching your consumers.

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  • Kick to Subscribe

    Our state-of-the-art optimization method allows us to absorb all the risks. You will only be paying for each conversion avoiding wasteful expenses.

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  • Kick to Lead

    If your objective is to get leads or completed forms, avoiding any type of risks by paying for unnecessary clicks, this is the right choice.

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  • Kick to Call

    Make a truly direct action by using our system click to call. An effective call only with one click!

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  • Kick to Download/install

    Promote an application with safe and effective investment. Find people looking for applications like yours in our inventory!

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  • Kick to facebook

    This solution allows the advertisers to grow their Facebook fan base.

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  • Kick to Twitter

    This solution allows the advertisers to grow their Twitter audience.

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Captivate your audience!

  • Push Notification Ads

    Reach your direct clients with app notifications on their mobile devices. This is specific targeting through the most advanced technology.

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  • Rich media Ads

    Creative and flexible solutions that generate a unique impact on your target audience. The increase of the Smartphones usage in the market forces us to generate unique experiences for the user. Available for Android, IOS and Blackberry. Try it now!

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  • Video Ads

    This high impact format allows strong brand visibility and a unique form of interaction with users through their mobile devices.

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